Enjoy (or escape) a futuristic smart home in this short point and click adventure game!

Made for Global Game Jam 2019 -  Theme:  What does home mean to you?

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Jack Le Hamster - Programming

CheeyMoo - Music and Audio

Seth - Art

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorsSeth, Jack Le Hamster
TagsEscape Game, ggj19, Global Game Jam, Pixel Art, Point & Click


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How to break the TV? I broke the fridge and heater already.


how do i break the fridge??

Sorry for the extremely obtuse puzzle: you have to block the dog from exiting the house by standing by the door.


i've broken the tv and the heater.. what next.. how to drink slurry!! good game but a bit good on 2 rooms house. and cant get outside, cant sit down, cant sleep, wearing all of my shirt. and crazy dog kept going in and out of dog flapdoor and barking... what next.. um     ... um...   um    ... i'm stuck on this...   can i rate 5 stars.    um...um....umm....not sure!! brill and ok ish... thanks


Well, the house is smarting now. ;)